About Land O Lakes

Land O' Lakes has been growing very rapidly in the past 10 to 20 years. Nearby former towns have been absorbed into Land O' Lakes such as Denham, Ehren, and Gowers Corner. New neighborhoods, shopping, and schools have been built.

As of the 2010 census, the CDP population was 31,145. The CDP grew rapidly during the 1990s, growing from 7,800 residents to 20,971 as new housing developments were built. Average annual income is higher than the rest of Florida. The CDP had a population in 2007 of 30,400 residents. The name Land O' Lakes was suggested at a community meeting in 1949. On Sept. 1, 1950, the Ehren post office was renamed Land O' Lakes.

Making Pasco Blue

We, as the Land O Lakes Democratic Club, are devoted to advancing equal rights for all people. We support the Democratic Party and those Democratic candidates who support our mission.

We will strive to achieve these goals:

  •  To educate this community and others about the significant differences between the two major parties on issues of concern to this community.

  •  To assist the Democratic Party and to improve its record on issues of importance to this community.

  •  To work for the nomination of Democratic candidates at all levels who will be fully supportive of the struggle against bigotry and intolerance.

  •  To encourage our community to support and vote for Democratic candidates who are committed to defeating prejudice and economic injustice.

  •  To work with other groups and individuals to promote these goals.

We created this club to fill a void in the central Pasco area, to promote Democratic ideals, and help in making Pasco blue.