Candidate for Florida Attorney General
Candidate for Pasco County Commissioner
Candidate for Pasco County Commissioner

Ryan Torrens

Ryan is running for Florida Attorney General for the right reason - to fight for you. For more than four years, Ryan Torrens has been going to battle in Court against the biggest banks in this country on behalf of Florida's consumers. When Ryan says he will fight for Florida's consumers, these aren't just words, it is what he has already been doing!

A fifth-generation Tampa native, Ryan Torrens owns his own law practice,which focuses on foreclosure defense and consumer protection litigation.

Ryan Torrens defends consumer clients against mortgage foreclosure actions and also represents  consumers against creditors and debt collectors for collection violations. Prior to starting his own law practice in 2012, Ryan Torrens worked as an independent consultant on the federal government-mandated Independent Foreclosure Review Project,  where he was charged with reviewing toxic mortgage loans. While working on this project, Ryan gained a serious interest in consumer protection law.

Ryan Torrens earned a Bachelor of Arts in Government and World Affairs from the University of Tampa magna cum laude and graduated from the George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C. While in law school, Ryan served as an intern for a federal bankruptcy judge and for several members of the U.S. Congress.

In his spare time, Ryan Torrens enjoys running, fishing, reading, and enjoying time with his family, including his partner, Francesca, and their rescued dog named Ziggy.

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Brandi Geoit

I am running for County Commissioner for District 4 of Pasco County. I work hard for the underserved in this county and hope to work hard for you.

I am currently and Executive Director at a small non-profit. I have worked in the social work field for almost 20 years. I work hard to fight the issues of discrimination and poverty that all of the people I serve experience on a daily basis. I grew up in Michigan and was raised by a single father. My dad served in Vietnam and my grandfather was a high decorated World War II veteran. I am one of 6 children. I am a single working mother, who works hard for her clients and hard for her daughter. I am currently the Vice-Chair of the West Central Ryan White Care Council and this experience has taught me how to look at budgets and funding and try to work with others for what is best for the community. I have never backed down from a challenge and I see a lot of challenges here in Pasco County. I graduated from Central Michigan University with my Bachelor's in Family Studies with a minor in Substance Abuse Education, Intervention and Prevention. I have used this degree to work in the fields of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services, Homeless Services, Veterans Services, working with AIDS patients, and advocating for Persons with Disabilities. I feel that my life experience and passion for taking care of all people will make me a great fit for County Commissioner.

I am a working single mother that has worked hard for her clients to try and improve their lives. I run my agency with compassion and plan to run this county with it as well. I understand that there are a lot of good things about this county but we also have a lot of things that we need to fix. I know I am the person to do that. I grew up with a single father who taught me the importance of hard work and raised me to over come all obstacles. I have the ability to think outside the box and work well with people from all walks of life. I accept that everyone has something to offer and that every voice has value.

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Kelly Smith

A graduate of Southern Connecticut State University, Kelly moved to Florida in 1996. She became a resident of Pasco County in 2008 when she and her husband, Patrick, and their three children relocated from Naples, FL to Wesley Chapel. Kelly’s career experience includes zoning and land use in both the public and private sectors, managing her father’s embroidery and promotional products business, and her current position as an operations coordinator with an international engineering firm in Tampa. She is also a special education advocate.

Kelly has a long history of community involvement. Locally Kelly has volunteered as a Guardian ad Litem, photographer with the Heart Gallery of Pinellas & Pasco, and currently serves on the Pasco County Comprehensive Behavioral Health Partnership committee as the parent representative. As an adoptive parent and former foster parent, Kelly has extensive experience advocating for children and helping other foster and adoptive families navigate community resources. Kelly is also involved with the Pasco Democratic Party, including as a member of the Democratic Executive Committee and serving as the Membership Chair of the newly formed Central Pasco Democratic Club.

Candidate for the 12th Congressional District

Chris Hunter

American service is an enduring promise that crosses generations, connects us to one another, and inspires hope.  When we serve our country and one another, we put our shared American values into action.

When I served as a federal prosecutor with the United States Department of Justice or an FBI agent following the terrorist attacks on 9/11, I walked in the footsteps of so many Americans who believe in honest American service.

Throughout my life, I have always believed that public service is a privilege.  It is not an entitlement program for career politicians. 

I am running for Congress against a career politician who has been in office for two decades.  Career politicians who sell out to the highest bidder or to political power brokers violate the trust we all place in our government.  What’s worse, they turn their backs on our shared values and the true meaning of American service. 

Like you, I believe in faith and trust, strength and security, optimism and opportunity in our community and in our country.

Let’s renew our shared American values and restore honest American service for all of us.

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Candidate for the 12th Congressional District

Robert Matthew Tager

I am running for US House of Representatives for Florida's 12Th Congressional District.. I am running because we are heading in the wrong direction and it is time we fight back. 

We are working harder then ever, yet too many are barely getting by, if not falling behind. Too many of us are one missed paycheck or one medical emergency away from becoming bankrupt or homeless. Our political process is controlled by Multinational Corporations, Health Industry Corporations, Fossil Fuel Industry, and billionaires. They get all the tax cuts, and then we are told that the government can not afford meals on wheels, school breakfast and lunch programs, and Seaseme street. These special interests rob us of our American Dream, by controlling our Government for their own benefit, and turning us against one another, and against our own interests. 

We must begin rebuilding America for the 21st Century and beyond. I know we can be an America where all people have better jobs and higher pay. Where people are paid what they are worth and not paid low wages and subsidized by the tax payer. We can have an America where everyone is treated with equality and where healthcare is a human right and not a benefit of wealth. We can put over 13 million people to work with good paying jobs rebuilding our infrastructure, including renewable energy power grids, roads, bridges, tunnels, water treatment systems, and high speed electrical rail cross country. We can build an American infrastructure that creates a minimal environmental impact, and one that can withstand weather pattern changes and rising water. 

We can be an America again where the Government is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Or, we can continue sliding backwards through 120 years of progress. 

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I know we can do better for everyone.